Meet The World’s Youngest Father, His Age Will Shock [Photo]

This could be the shocking news for anyone but yes this is real, a boy has become a father  at the age of 13.

This is the age when most of the kids of his age fall in love with games, bicycle riding etc

At 13 years old, the furthest thing from a boy’s mind should be the responsibilities of parenthood. The teen years should be a time of innocence, hanging out with friends, and generally having zero adult duties.

However, it’s also a period of life when mistakes are made, and sometimes those mistakes can last a lifetime. This is something one young man in the United Kingdom learned the hard way.

Meet Alfie Madden, who at 13, astonishingly became the father of a baby girl. Alfie got his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant after a night of unprotected sex. Now, he’s been thrust into adulthood and forced to take care of his daughter. But that was only where his story began; the already-unbelievable events took a shocking turn…

According to report, when asked how he would financially take care of his baby, he innocently asked what ‘Financially’ meant.

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