MEN: Here Are 21 Secret Things Women Will Never Tell You

Here are the secret things women want but will never tell a man

1. Almost all women watch porn, some just don’t admit.

2. Sometimes they use “periods” as excuse to cancel plans, even if they aren’t having them.

3. If they are not able to make eye contact with you it means,

-They have crush on you

-They are in love with you

-They are hiding something

-They are lying

-They are nervous.

4. They absolutely love it when you pull them by their waist to kiss them.

5. They love neck kisses.

6. If they have genuine feelings for you and if they fantasize about you, then just a simple touch of yours can seduce the hell out of them. Mind you. Just a simple casual touch!

7. They hate it when guys with whom they are not seeking any romantic relationship, asks them about their “size”. They might tell you, but they get offended.

8. Many of them lose respect for you when you ask for Nudes, even if you are her boyfriend.

9. They hate it when you show off about how many girls are behind you. Hey? Why don’t you just go to them and have fun. Why are you even talking with her then?

10. They absolutely hate it when you flaunt about things you bought from your dad’s money. You might be a baby with silver spoon. But that can never be the reason to impress a real woman.

11. They love it when you remember things related to them. Like important dates, their likes/ dislikes, their phobias, etc.

12. They loooooveeee it when you play with their hair.

13. If you are a good cook, they are already impressed lol!

14. They hate it when you talk about your Ex.

15. They love it when you tell your friends/ parents about them.

16. If you have good sense of humour, you have got good chances.

17. They hate it if you judge them for their girly habits. Dude she’s a girl, what do you expect?!

18. If you respect them, they respect you more.

19. They notice your behaviour with watchman/ drivers/ waiters , how you talk with people on calls, they stalk your social media and check your comments. They know you always behave good with the girl you have crush on. For them, you being a good guy is as important as the way you treat them.

20. They find your nervousness around them adorable. You might think you are screwing up the situation, but you know what? They ADORE your nervousness. It shows that you care.

21. They want you to be in front of them. They want you to cry. It doesn’t make you less manly. You pamper them always. They too want to pamper you. Just give them a chance.

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