MEN : Here Are 5 Important Reasons You Should Be Patient With Women

These beauties in the World called women are wonderful and somehow unique humans. The world would have been a boring place without them. God Himself saw that man was incomplete without a Woman. He made one for Him.

God later commanded that a man should leave his own parents and be joined to his wife. Without Women there would be no regeneration. Their beauty makes the world beautiful.

However, there are some common things one must learn about women to be able to live with them in harmony;

1. Do not strive with women physically. 

They do not have physical strength as compared to men. The strength of women is in their minds. If you can be patient with the ideas and views of women, your can not be far from success. God created them as helpers of men not weaklings. A person can only offer help if he or she has the ability.

2. Women talk more than men. 

For your relationship with a woman to be a healthy one, you must sacrifice patience to allow her talk and offer her a listening ear. Statistically, they are said to talk three three thousand words in a day while men talk for only one thousand words a day. Women need to be allowed more time to talk and be listened to. This requires a lot of patience.

3. Women take long to prepare moving out.

Before a woman leaves the house, she would first spend quality time infront of the mirror to be sure of her looks. She also will want to be certain of how she left the house. Moving out with her will require patience until she is done.

4. Women get moody mostly during their days.

If as a man you lack wisdom and knowledge to handle them, you might find your self in unnecessary conflict with them.

5. A woman might ask one question more than once just to be sure she got it right. 

You may think she ignored your first statement, but naturally they like confirming something more than once. It is not that she never took it serious when you were saying it, but its their nature.

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