MEN: Here Are Some Tips On How To Make Your Girlfriend Miss So Much

There are many steps on how to make a girl miss so much but I’ll be talking about just 10 ways you can make your lover miss you….


Let her complain about you not calling anymore, and soon enough, she will be missing you more than you had ever missed her..

Rule 2 : Don’t always respond to text or phone calls

Rule 3: Be happy and upbeat when you are together

Rule 4: Have some guy time

Rule 5: Don’t act jealous

Rule 6: Be confident

Rule 7: Give your girlfriend space

Rule 8: Don’t always agree with your girl

Rule 9: Don’t be afraid of the words “Break up”

Rule 10: Make her miss you by limiting the way you see each other…

I know this few tips will give your relationship any shape you want….

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