Most Porpular Struggles Every Short Girl Pass Through Everyday

Short girls are cute and lovely. But behind their cuteness lies some struggles that you can never understand unless you are one of them.

Ask any short girl you know about these struggles and they will tell you how real they are:

1. Everyone thinks you are way younger

It’s a good thing when you look younger than you are. But it’s another different case when you have to produce your ID at the entrance of a club because nobody believes you are of age.

2. People think they are entitled to lift you even if it’s uncomfortable

If you are short and lightweight, some people often feel the urge to lift you and carry you on their shoulders. They are having fun not knowing that they are making you uncomfortable.

3. You have to give up some dreams

The moment you realize that you can’t grow any taller, you are forced to give up your dreams of being a flight attendant or even a model.

4. Even kids can’t take you seriously

Because some of them are taller than you anyway, they think that you are agemates or you are younger than them and can’t take commands from you.

5. Reaching stuff

You struggle with this every day. Like you always need help whether it’s at the supermarket or in the kitchen.

6. Concerts can be a waste of time

You would better get used to listening to music in concerts because your height can’t allow you to see the performers.

7. You run to keep your tall friends’ pace short girl problems

While your friends are walking at a normal pace, you have to make quick strides lest they leave you behind.

8. You are always looking up

Having conversations with tall people can be tiresome because you have to crane your neck to keep eye contact.

9. Tall people use your shoulder as an armrest

And the little you have to bear their weight.

10. Hugging people can get awkward

Because your tall friends have to bend and your head touches their boobs when you hug which is somehow awkward.

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