[See List] 19 Bad Example Of People You Should Not Move With

Hello guys, today i want to share with you some 19 kind of people you should try and not move around so as to not get influenced into bad characters

So here we go:

1. Men and women who abandon their children

2. People who use the name of God to steal, rob and scam

3. Men who sleep with wives of other men and women who sleep with the husbands of other women

4. Adult children who curse and fight their parents

5. Traders who will sell you poison or fake drugs or fake products to make a profit

6. People who shed the blood of the innocent for refusing to believe in their myths

7. People who treat women like meat for ‘sex’ benefits

8. Employers who pay starvation wages and employers who do not pay their workers for months

9. Those who cheat the orphan and widow out of their inheritance

10. Loan sharks who charge very high interest rates for small and medium size loans

11. Those who engage in drug trafficking to destroy the youth

12. Those who engage in human trafficking. Imagine selling human beings to make plenty of money. Worthless scumbags.

13. Cultists who think that being tough is to kill and maim your fellow man. These people are usually cowards.

14. Racists who treat you differently because of skin color. Racists are a lower form of the humanoid specie.

15. Those who play politics with the destruction and misery of human life. Their future is sealed with suffering and punishment. Examples, Boko Haram, Russia and western countries starting wars all over the place for financial gain.

16. Those who invade communities and massacre women and children because of ordinary COW. These id1iots value the life of a COW more than that of a Human. They are subhuman. Horrible individuals

17. Kidnappers and ritualists who will do anything to make money even if it means sacrificing babies or their own families. Their greed will surely destroy them

18. Paedophiles who molest small children up to the age of 15. Some even target babies. These people deserve to HANG.

19. Yahoo Yahoo boys who live large on the misery of others. They have no shame. Poverty is waiting for them at the end.

I can go on writing more examples, for now this list should suffice.

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