Must Read: 4 Main Reasons Why Modern Men Marry Late

Modern men say they are not afraid to commit and marry.

They say that they can marry but the only thing that hold them back is not having peace in their life. That is the reason they marry women at late age. They say that they learned more things from their elders who are married. And these days they tend to marry women who are educated. They warn each other that they are not supposed to marry a demanding and uneducated women.

The following are things that backup them not to marry at early age;

1. Home chores

They say that they are not lazy, and they can do all the home chores. And do them exactly the way women do, from cleaning the yard up until cooking the evening meal.

2. Peace

Men usually say that if you want to disturb just marry. They say women will want many things. And until you provide them with all they want then you won’t have peace.

3. Mingle

They say until they are not done to mingle then they won’t marry. Some say they have to live and travel the world before they could settle down. So to say if they are married then that could not happen.

4. Money

Some men say they want to eat their money in peace. They do not want to share their hard-earned cash with anyone. That the reason when they are getting old and ready to marry then want an educated and independent woman.

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