[Must Read] “How I Got Married With N28,000” Man Narrates True Life Story

Nigerian man who wishes to stay anonymous shared a true Inspirational story how he got married with just N28000 n a single room.

Full Story:

I want to share my story on this platform to encourage other Nigerian youths who may have humble background like me, not to give up.

I did one of the craziest wedding in human history. I can’t stop laughing now as God has changed our story

Statutory marriage (court wedding) – took place in December, 2015

The court wedding was contracted at the marriage registry of Kano State, opposite Emir Sanusi’s palace, Kano municipal. Here are what I spent:
1) Wedding Certificate fee N8,000
2) Wedding ring N1,500
3) Clothes for the wedding for both of us (including sewing) N13, 600
4) Two crates of multina N5000
5) One carton of Digestive biscuit N600
6) Transport for both of us (kake napep) N200 (to and fro)

Total: N 28,900

No reception

Few invitees and no much celebrations

I spent about 35,000 including clothes.


I was posted to Kano for my NYSC in 2014 August, Batch B. I fell in love with this beautiful lady and we had similar historical background. Before I completed my NYSC, I got admission to Bayero University for my master degree programme (march, 2015). I didn’t have what it takes for marriage and there was no help from anywhere. I really wanted to dump her and focus on my study but she never let me go.

She told me she want to go for master too, we hurriedly applied for her during the late application period, she was lucky she got admission to study community health. She took me to her parents who are based in Kaduna but are from Okrika in River state. Her parents are educated and gave me good advice and encourage us to get serious with our studies. The father told me to pay N5,000 as bride price and I spent about 30,000 for a very quiet traditional wedding.

In Kano, we live in a single room (self contain) opposite Bayero University gate, going to school together. I started a part time teaching with Al-Furkaan Science Academy with 18,000 salary and also work it for her to be teaching there too for 15,000 salary. The school management did not know that we are couple. Some teachers there were even trying to talk to her….
After our coursework, as if God was waiting for us to complete the coursework, boom!!! I was called by an agro allied company based in kano for interview. I applied online for the job. I got the job and we were both happy!!!

Three months later, my wife got a job with an NGO working in communities in Kano and Jigawa. Not long after, we moved to a two bedroom flat and got a car. We had a baby boy now and building a house in Otukpo, Benue state.

Start little and God we increase it…
I was so ashamed then and the people laughing at us them are now coming to begg us for money and support.

Now my wife is saying we should do a flamboyant, expensive, and gorgeous church wedding and invite all the people we invited during the low-key court and traditional marriage…and invite all friends, foes and all the people laughing at us at that time….

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