[Must Read] Interesting Facts About Kissing You Should Know

Kissing is a fun thing to do. Everyone loves kissing. It is the purest symbol of extreme love and romance! However, there are still things you don’t know about kissing and here are 17 of them.

1. You can burn 2 calories by kissing for a moment.

2. When two people kiss, they exchange about 10 million to a billion bacteria.

3. Kiss a sick person who is healthier than shaking hands. Shaking hands can spread the flu over a kiss.

4. Kissing can cause rotten teeth.

5. Mothers of the Manchuria tribe revealed that kissing on the lips has a sexual meaning and avoids kissing.

6. The longest kiss on this earth took 58 hours, 35 minutes, 58 seconds.

7. Film science means the science of kissing.

8. “Cataglottism” is the scientific name for the French kiss.

9. “Wings” of 1927 is the first film to feature two male actors who exchange one another.

A 1927 “Wings” movie is the first film to show two actors kissing each other.

10. The average person spends two weeks kissing his life.

The average person spends two weeks kissing his life.

11. Two-thirds of people lean to the right as they kiss.

Two-thirds of people lean their heads to the right as they kiss.

12. According to Nevada law, kissing someone with a mustache is illegal!

13. An average British teen is testing his first kiss at the age of 15.

An ordinary British teen suffers from his first kiss at the age of fifteen.

14. Although kissing is considered a romantic gesture, less than half of cultures accept kissing as a romantic act.

15. Kissing a child over the ear can cause permanent hearing loss.

16. “How can I be a good future?” This is the most self-taught video on YouTube.

17. In the medium kiss, 34 facial muscles and 112 power muscles (postural muscles) are activated!

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