MUST READ: Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

Building a skincare routine is difficult, but things are even tougher for those who have combination skin. Here, we share a simple skincare routine for those who come under this category.

We purchase the best-rated products from the market and try almost every DIY hack listed on the web, aiming to get that flawless skin. But let’s be honest, skincare is no cakewalk. With each person’s skin being different from others, a lot of effort goes behind personalising a routine that may help us achieve our goal.

Combination skin beauty routine

If you are building your skincare routine for the first time, then there is a very important thing that you ought to do before finalising the steps in the regime. It is to know your skin type. Broadly, there can be three categories – oil, dry and combination. While one can get ample amount of products for the first two skin types, things are not very easy for those who have combination skin.

Wondering what combination skin it and if you fall under this category or not? We’ll tell you all about it. If you feel that a few portions of your face get more oil than others, especially the T-zone, then you have combination skin. An easy way to test this is by using a blotting paper on different areas of your face and see the amount of oil that has come on the blotting paper.

People with combination skin need to include products that work for both oily and dry skin in their skincare regime if they are unable to get products that are not suitable for combination skin.

Now that you know what combination skin is, here we share with you a simple regime that will become your go-to:

Cleanse: It is important that you cleanse your face before putting on any products. For this step, you can use a gel cleanser or face wash. If you are using just one product, then you should avoid a heavy cream-based cleanser as it might lead to breakouts on the oily regions.

Exfoliate: Make sure to exfoliate your skin three times every week. Deep cleaning of pores is very important if you step out regularly. For this step, you can either use a store-bought scrub or can easily make one at home.

Tone: Not matter the skin type, putting toner on the face is very important to keep the skin tight and minimise the appearance of the pores. We would advise that one should always opt for a chemical-free toner.

Moisturise: Buying a moisturiser becomes tricky for those who have combination skin. Gel-based or water-based moisturisers work best for this skin type. They are not too heavy yet they hydrate the skin properly. One should also not skip moisturising their lips.

Under-eye cream: With the kind of hectic lifestyle we lead, it is important that we take care of those dark circles. There are many amazing under-eye creams available in the market, but if you wish, you can also soak in cotton pads in a coffee and water mixture and put them on for 10 minutes every day.

Now, this is a very basic skincare routine with all the steps that you cannot miss. But if you wish to put in an additional step, you can add essential oil to your kit. You can apply just a few drops of the oil on your face and massage it with a roller or any other tool. Massaging the face increases the blood flow and helps in achieving younger-looking skin.

If you are building your skincare routine for the first time, then we would also advise that you start with purchasing sample-size products, so that you can try a variety of products within your budget and get to know which ones work well for your skin.

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