Opinion: Here Are 4 Main Reasons Women Love Tall Men

Usually when it comes to relationships, couples tend to look into several factors so as to end up with their perfect match,its just normal. After all,would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you don’t like?. Women are more comfortable with men who are slightly taller than them. It’s said that taller men are happier and that they don’t tend to be jealous of other people. These are just some of the reasons why women love tall guys. Other reasons are;

1.Taller men are considered confident 

Short men will deny this but its just the bitter truth. Tall guys appear more confident and the confidence increases when ladies meet them. Besides tall guys already know that they are considered hot cake in the eyes of women,on the other hand,most short guys suffer from low esteem because they feel neglected and not desired.

2.They act as your personal bodyguards –

ladies usually feel protected when with a tall guy because they imagine nothing can stop a tall guy. Women already know that when they have a tall guy beside them then no other man would dare stare at them with nasty glances. This doesn’t mean short guys can’t protect. The thing is, tall guys command more respect compared to the short folks.

3.They are more powerful

– Women love power so if you are powerful then women will definitely fall for you. When a woman sees a tall guy,she starts to think she got someone who can carry the whole world. Men with authority appear more attractive .

4.Taller guys are stronger

– Most women love tall guys because most are stronger and they could provide protection against physical threats. It really looks nice to hide behind a tall guy when trouble calls. Doing that with a short guy looks risky!. It’s not like short men are weaklings,it’s just preferences.

Did I mention how romantic it looks walking beside a tall guy?. The kissing part is magical. That’s why most ladies love TALL,dark and handsome men .

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