Ovis Massage One year Anniversary

Ovis massage is a business venture that offers therapeutic massage using massage chairs.

The Ceo of the company Mr Ajakpovi Golo started the business on the 3rd of March 2018, at the Delta mall entrance 2 with two of the massage chairs and now in the space of one year the Ovis massage has situated itself in malls all over the country helping people to relieve stress and muscular issues.

Mr Ajakpovi Golo, Ceo Ovis massage

To celebrate it’s one year anniversary, the management gave out free massage to every customer that came to massage.

Happy customers

Of course our team also had special treats too.


Customers came from far and near and all of them had nothing but praise for the aftereffects of the massage chairs.

Friends also came out en masse to celebrate with the organization.

According to Mr Golo, one of his biggest challenge in the business is the level of ignorance that plagues majority of the public.

As many people don’t know how the massage chairs work and the effects it has on the body.

He continues to educate people he meets on a regular basis on the use of the chairs and the health advantages associated with it’s continuous use.

The massage chairs are awesome for the therapeutic treatments of stroke, joint pains, backaches and full body relaxation.

Whenever you see a massage chair in the mall don’t be scared to use it. Rather bring your loved ones also to enjoy the experience.

It was an awesome year for Ovis massage and we wish them many more fruitful years to come.

Photo credits Okhis pictures


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