Please Help! My Pregnant Girlfriend Slapped My Mom, Insult My Parents

Good morning Nigerians, I will make this as short as possible and please don’t mind my punctuation as I am typing this in a rush

I am a graduate, though unemployed but doing one or two menial jobs to keep mind and soul together

I have this girlfriend I have been dating for almost two years now. We both love each other but the issue at hand is she’s a stubborn, anger driven person that insults my parents. In fact hit me sometimes and says all manner of words at me.

Of recent, I found out she’s pregnant this February. Now the issue is she’s a finalist in the University as she will be serving this year October, but we had plans of not doing abortion but she’s so ashamed of everything and just irrational and saying all manners like what people will say this and that, and I have told her I will stay by her through everything. I informed my mum and my immediate siblings about the pregnancy, they were angry but they were like it’s fine sha since she’s loved in the family

Now the issue is
1. She’s very stubborn

2. She insults my parents at every small argument

3. She’s anger driven, yes am anger driven to an extent also but I have never used my anger to do stupid things like hitting her before compare to many times she has Slapped, locked my shirt and punched me.

4. We had an issue last night and it was in public and she was just shouting at me, passers by and onlookers were just amused that why would a lady be like this that she now had to take a big stone and throw at me, though I dodged the stone all because i was gearing her to let’s leave the public scene and go home

5. A baby is on the line cos she’s pregnant and even if you will advise me to leave the relationship as it’s toxic, what about the unborn child.

6. I am currently unemployed and in fact am still at home not yet balanced up well enough, but she has used nags to kill me, saying all manners at me

All insults are welcomed. Please I am in die need of advise thank you.

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