Popular Words Girls Say When They Are Very Much In Love With You

Ladies sometimes can not be understood you need to properly study them before you start passing your judgment on them when you are trying to toast them there there No means Yes While There Maybe Means a Very Strong Yes.


So we have been able to discover the words that if she mistakenly say them to you congrats dear you are af the semi-final of getting them.

How many girlfriends do you have you like women too much.

“Coconut head I hope your girlfriend won’t poor me acid” as of you date crazy girls.

So you can talk I thought you are deaf and dumb

Please stay on your own I don’t want heart break or anyone to insult me.

I hope your wife won’t beat me.

As if I told her am married.

You are too trouble some

Who is deceiving you that you are fine

Who have you been talking to?

Big head for your mind you think say I love you

Your phone is always busy you are talking to your girlfriend abi

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