Read The Essential Tips To Prevent Your Skin From Getting Junk Jewellery Rashes

Do you love wearing junk jewellery? Well, if you do, then can style it with different outfits to complete a look. But often junk jewellery reacts to our skin and causes rashes and itchiness. If our skin is extremely sensitive, then it will have rashes due to the junk jewellery.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear junk jewellery. You can definitely pull it off but in the right way. You have to tackle the rashes with the correct remedies. Here’s what you can do.

Silicon earring cushions

Always use silicon earring cushions for all your earrings as they support the earlobes and prevent them from getting rash. They also take care of your piercing and skin from the metals of the jewellery.

Nail paint

Apply top coat nail paint on the inner side of your pendants and neckpieces so that they cannot directly come in close contact with your skin. There will be a thin layer of the topcoat between them.

To soothe the rashes

Apply calamine lotion, petroleum jelly or mineral oil on rashes to soothe the itching. Don’t forget to apply moisturiser regularly.

Wet compress

You can also soak a clean cloth in water and apply it on the affected area for wet compress. This will relieve the itching to some extent.

No antibiotics

Avoid applying any over-the-counter or antibiotic creams on the rashes. They may make it even worse.

Reduce the time of wearing

After your makeup, hair and all other things put on the jewellery at the last moment. Similarly, they should be the first one to take off after coming back from a party. This will reduce the time of wearing them to save your skin.

Silver jewellery

It is always advisable to buy silver jewellery instead of the normal junk ones. This might be expensive but it will save your skin from rashes and itching.

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