Read Why You Should Let Your Husband Keep His Side Chick

Not many women get flattered by the idea of their husbands having side chicks. The truth of the matter is that whether you allow them or not, a majority of men will have a mpango wa kando. Men love cocktails and by this I mean even in their social lives. He might have pounded yam as his favorite but he will be inclined to taste other delicacies. This doesn’t mean that he does not like the food he loves most.

Now before you crucify me, hear me out. Truth is, no man will EVER leave his wife for the mistress. That should be some sort of consolation to the woman, right? He will always come back home to you.

Instead of living a grumpy life because your husband has some other mama out there, try to open up your mind to a possibility of him keeping the mistress.

Sit him down and give him the through pass. Once you tell him that he can keep his mistress, you’re likely to get two reactions. Either he will forget about getting a mistress all together or at least you would know where he is when he’s not home.

Before I proceed, let it also be clear that communication is key. If this is not your cup of tea, don’t weaken your heart some more. Do you boo!

So, why should you let him have a mistress?

1. Less fights in the house. It will be unlikely that you two will be fighting over certain things in the house. At the mistress place can be his resting place when you two need some time out.

2. Better sex. These sexy modern girls are so up to speed with ways to make intimacy go a notch higher. Them girls will not tolerate 2 second sex and so Mr will have no choice but to up his game. When he brings these tips home, good for you too.

3. He will become more honest. Your hubby will realize that he can talk to you about anything since you keep an open mind.

4. Might bring you two even closer to one another. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? So his fake conferences don’t have to be a secret anymore. Instead, you two get to have “me time”.

Remember, is polygamous relationships are not your thing, don’t entertain them either. Your happiness matters.

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