Reasons Why Some Men Date Older Women

It is perhaps true that each person’s preference when it comes to dating is personal. When it comes to cougar dating in Nigeria, there are willing older women who are ready to date young men, and surprisingly, there are younger men who are willing to date older women.

Here are some of the reasons why younger men prefer older women or cougars to younger women.

1. Older women are more experienced

Over the years, they have gone through all kinds of situations and therefore have more life experience. The experience means wiser decisions; hence, younger men feel more secure dating older women because they are not likely to make silly mistakes. The women can take care of themselves without making the men feel like they are responsible for them.

2. Cougars open up success opportunities

Young men who are in the struggle to be successful in their careers find dating cougars helpful because they can help take them to the top. The truth is that cougars are usually successful independent women who have connections in different areas. By dating successful older women, young men get helpful advice on careers and businesses, equipping them with what they need to make it big. The older women can also introduce them and help them connect with people who matter in their career paths so they can improve personal growth and make it big.

3. Older women are less time demanding

They have lives and this means they have things to do to keep them occupied. They are not as demanding as younger women who feel like they need to be around their men all the time. The less time demand gives younger men a sense of freedom to also live and enjoy their lives as they wish. Cougars know what they want and will get it when they need it; hence they do not end up choking the lives of the young men they date. This is a plus, according to the young males.

4. Cougars are not insecure

They are not only less self-conscious about their bodies, but they will also not fuss over where their men are and what they have been doing. They know exactly what they want and this makes the dating and sex even more fun. They are all about fun and they are open to adventure because they are largely looking for happiness more than anything else. Cougars are not even afraid of speaking out their expectations when it comes to sex and this makes them even more attractive to the younger men.

Dating cougars can be especially fun because they are not at all shy or afraid to voice out their expectations. The reasons mentioned above are the main reasons why most guys go into cougar dating.

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