Romantic Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Better Place

The epicenter of most romantic relationships is the bedroom. There are some certain aspects that could either build or break the mood within the room, meaning their is a psychology behind this.

When we fall in love, there are some stages we undergo, the first stage is lust, where we develop an attraction that weakens our legs, makes our hearts pound faster and suppresses our appetite. Dopalime, a chemical substance affects our sense thus making us feel happier and pleasurable which later turns into an addiction and cravings for feelings. The next stage of love is attachment, something that makes a couple stay together and gives them a special connection.

To lighten up the romance of the bedroom, one should observe the following.

1. The appearance of the bed

The bed should be neat, well arranged, plumped up pillows and laundered sheets should appealing as they act as a key factor in making the bed look awesome.

2. Clear away the clutter

Since clutters can be turn off to many, one should ensure that the room is really tidy.

3. Romantic light can act as a bonus

Overhead lights can be so bright hence uncomfortable, it should be turned off or rather replaced by a soft glow bedside lamps. White colour is preferred.

4. Smell

Desire and romance are always linked with smell hence one could use a pillow mist or any other fragnance which triggers the desire, however don’t use too many smells as it may be uncomfortable.

5. Rose petals

Sprinkle the bed with few rose petals or artificial petals.

6. Preparation

Use all of your five senses to create a romantic mood in your bedroom, this makes it easier acquire the desire. You can also use sweet aromas and soft music.

7. Consistency

Distracters should be put away so as not to interfere with one’s concentration thus creating ambience.

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