See This Amazing Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples

Although pimples have not been said to have a serious harmful effect on a person’s face, it has never created happiness in the mind of its bearer. It is certain however that it could create depression, emotional imbalance when someone meets new people, and other psychological feelings.

In this article, let’s shortly look at some practical remedies to reduce pimples and dark spots.

Causes of Pimples

1. Pimples are mainly caused if the tiny holes (pores) in the skin is blocked by bacteria, oil, dead skin cells, and dirt.

2. Removal of hairs from your Face might unexpectedly cause pimples.

3. Using too many skin care products

4. Some hairstyling products that come in contact with your face might also bring acne.

5. Extreme direct sunlight to the face.

Simple Home Remedies :

1. Avoid Popping the Pimples :

You may think that pressing pimples might quickly make it vanish, but it is simply the opposite! When you press it, you are forcing the oil substance and dead cells deeper into the skin follicle. The pressure exerted will now make the follicle wall to break and spill the infected dead cells into the innermost part of the skin which will lead to loss of tissue and finally result to dark spots.

So instead of squeezing your pimples, try these methods;

2. Aloe Vera gel :

This is a widely used natural solution for pimples. It cools down your skin, and also help in reducing the inflammation of pimples. You can get it from organic market or drug stores. You may also prepare the mask.

3. Toothpaste :

This contains silica which is good for the skin. Toothpaste has been known to dry out and reduce pimple size so quickly. Just apply some to the face or affected area before sleep and wash it off thereafter.

4.Honey :

When talking of natural pimple cures, honey can not be excluded. It is broadly used for many skin problems including treatment of wounds. The stickiness of honey helps to remove dirts from your skin and it is also an antibiotic. It is best you prepare honey mask.

Other natural remedies are :

1. Rub garlic on the face or mix with water before applying.

2. Eat cucumbers and use cucumber mask.

3. Apply apple cider vinegar

4. Take a zinc supplement

5. Treat the spots with tea tree oil.

6. Wash and Clean the face at least 4 times daily.

7. Meet a doctor/dermatologist.

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