Seven Skin Problems You Do Not Know And Their Cure

The skin is described as the most extensively distributed tissue in the body of human. It is unique in such a way that it can function as an excretory organ and also can sense stimulus by responding to heat, pressure, pain and cold. However, just like any other living object can get faulty, the skin being a living organ can get faulty. The cornfield layer of the skin is the part of the skin responsible for protection against invading microbes. This conified layer can become overwhelmed by some microbes and therefore makes room for infections. Most of the skin infections can be cured. We shall now look into some skin problems and their cure.

1. Jiggers

People who walk barefooted on sandy soil may get jiggers in their toes.


Use a sterile needle to remove the causative agent.

2. Tumbu Fly

This fly, something like a housefly, may lay its eggs on the skin. This result to swelling on the skin.


Apply Vaseline to the top of the swelling.

3. Pellagra

Pellagra is a form of malnutrition that affects the skin and sometimes the digestive and nervous systems. It is very common in places where people eat a lot of maize or other starchy foods and not enough beans, meat, eggs, vegetables and other body-building and protecting foods.


– Eating nutritious foods cures pellagra

– Take vitamins. Be sure the vitamin formula you use is high in the B vitamins. Brewer’s yeast is a good source of B vitamins.

4. Ainhum

This occur mainly in farmers who walk barefoot. An abnormality of the blood supply to the small toes may lead to a gradually developing deformity. Walking becomes very painful. Both small toes may be affected.


-Medical help should be sought earlier.

-Immunization against tetanus is advisable.

5. Pimples and Blackheads (Acne)

Young people sometimes get pimples on their face, chest, or back-especially if their skin has too much oil in it.


– wash the face twice a day with soap and hot water

– sunshine helps clear pimples. Let the sunlight falls on the affected parts of the body

– eat as well as possible, drink a lot of water and get enough sleep

– before you go to bed, put a mixture of alcohol with a little sulfur on the face.

6. Gangrene

This is not a good skin problem. It needs immediate attention. It infects a wound; it quickly spreads fast.


– open up the wound as wide as possible. Wash it with boiled water and soap. Clean out the dead and damaged flesh.

– inject penicillin every three hours

– leave the wound uncovered so that air gets to it.

– Get medical help.

7. Cancer of the Skin

Skin cancer is most frequent in light skinned persons who spend a lot of time in the sun. It usually appears in places where the sun hits with most force, especially: on the ear, cheekbone or temple, nose and lips.

Skin cancer may take many forms. It usually begins as a little ring. It grows little by little.

Most skin cancers are not dangerous if treated in time.


– Go for surgery

To prevent skin cancer, light-skinned persons should protect themselves from the sun and always wear a hat. Persons who have suffered from cancer of the skin and have to work in the sun can buy special creams that protect them. Zinc oxide ointment is cheap and works well.

Therefore, it is of necessity to imbibe the above facts in ourselves and read texts, magazines on health. Let us be precautious and always remember this saying: “Health is Wealth”.

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