SINGLE LADIES: Here Are The Things To Do while Waiting For Mr. Right

My dear, you have to know that not all women in world will be wive. and it all “Determine what you wanna be NOW”. he doesn’t have to be rich now, and you should learn how to spot potentials. Just Help him grow. You also need to understand you to marry your friend.


My dear ladies, don’t be deceived, REAL MEN don’t chase after empty women. By empty women, I mean women who have nothing to offer other than giving sex and asking for money. Real men go for women who have added value to themselves.

Of what use is being beautifully empty? A woman may attract a man with her physical beauty, however, she would need more than her beauty to keep him. Nobody wants to marry a liability (this applies to men and women). A liability is like a leech, always sucking (taking) but giving nothing in return. Is that the kind of wife you want to be in your marriage? No, I guess. So, add value to yourself.


a. Learn a skill: there are so many skills you can learn while you’re waiting for your Mr. Right. You can acquire hair making, sewing or catering skills. With little cash, you can make this a reality.

b. Increase your knowledge base: apart from acquiring useful skills, be knowledgeable in different aspects of life. By this I mean READ. It is often said that knowledge is power. Indeed, a woman that is knowledgeable will wield tremendous power among her peers even among the men folk. Somebody said that reading makes a man. I dare say also that reading makes a real woman.

Read so that when Mr. right comes and hears your opinions on issues, he would be captivated and glued to you. Don’t be a beautifully empty woman, rather, be a “value added woman”; a woman that the husband will be proud of and make boasts of.


So many women enter into marriage unprepared, one of the reasons a lot of them are leaving it with a speed of light. Preparing for marriage is like preparing for exams. The truth is, if a person does not prepare for exams, the likelihood is that the person will fail.

To have and enjoy a good marriage, it is expedient that you prepare for it. A wise man of God is often quoted to say that ” you do not prepare in marriage, rather, you prepare for marriage”. While you are waiting, prepare to have a good marriage.

Look at it this way. You have an upcoming exam and you are not preparing for it. On the day of the exam, you now pick your dusty books into the examination Hall to start reading while others are busy answering the examination questions. Hear me, by the time you are done reading your notes, the exams would have been over and that’s failure.

What am I saying? Buy books on marriage and read. There are many good books on marriage; books that will give you a fore-state of what marriage looks like. Learn from those that have and are still waxing strong on that path. You will come across some of the things you have read about in your marriage and with the benefit of the things you have learnt from reading, you will be in a better position to fix the issues without much ado.


God is the ultimate connector. He knows how to connect people. He is God; He has the hearts of all men in the palm of His hands and turns it anyhow He pleases. Who would have believed that Ruth in the Bible, a Moabitess, would have a wealthy man like Boaz, a Jew, as her husband? However, God did the connection.

Jesus said “…if any man serve me, him will my Father honour”, John 12:26. When you serve God, He will honour you with the right spouse. You cannot please God; make Him happy and He will turn His back on you. He is a rewarder of those that diligently pursue Him (Hebrews 11:6).


You can serve God in manifold ways. You can dedicate your life to evangelism, that is, taking the gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus to the lost souls on the streets, markets and social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc).

You can look for a department in the Church where you attend to serve God with sincerity of heart and purpose. It could be in the Children’s church or creche, Choir, Ushering, protocol, library, Sanctuary keeping, etc. You can raise a prayer altar for the Church in your closet.

Think of something you can do for God and give yourself to it. I can assure you from experience that you will see the finger of God rewriting your story before long.


Please, make the best use of your waiting season. It is a season and no season lasts forever. Add value to yourself – acquire useful skills, read wide, prepare for your marriage and serve God with sincerity of heart. God bless you.

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