Skin Care Routine For Bride To Be Ahead Of Wedding Day

Your main day is around the corner and I’m pretty excited for you.Are you nervous that your marriage day is approaching and all attention are going to be on you? Your face is one of the key sections of your body and 3 months after your special day, you need to begin grooming your skin. If you have blemishes and defects in your skin that you have left unsupervised and unattended to, then the make-up will not do your face right.

Now is the right time to start. Build a healthy routine all year round that leaves your skin healthy. Here are few items you can consume for clear skin:

Fruits for skin hydration

To get spotless and glowing skin you have to drink lots of fluids plenty of water. The idea is to keep your skin moisturized. You should take a lot of watermelon, it’s a good source of water intake for the skin. You can also start taking lots grapefruits, broccoli and lettuce.

Prepare your skin 3 months before

Offer your skin enough time to get prepared and start planning Three months in advance. This is the moment for you to begin to looking after your skin. Keep it safe and natural for your diet. Don’t consume too much fatty food, it reduces the growth of acne.

Take facials 

Acne and skin blemishes from the skin should be looked out for. Once per month, go for exfoliating beauty treatments that better prepare your skin.


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