Skin Opinion : 5 Things You Should Never Ever Put On Your Face

A spotless and smooth face and skin is what most young people yearn for but unfortunately or as one may not have wanted, factors such as genes, routines and personal mistakes with some other factors, one may not get the desired flawless skin he or she wants.

The skin on our face is one of the most delicate and sensitive part of our body. However, when our face looks so bad and unappealing a great deal of self qualities such as esteem, confidence and self worth are generally affected. Therefore, this is why you should take maximum care of your face.

In this article, We will be profiling, five things you should Never put on your face and remains why you should not.

1. Baking Soda: If you visit YouTube for tips on how to improve the appearance of your face, you will see a lot of videos telling you to put Baking Soda on your face because it’s a bleaching agent and acts as a good face washer. I tell you most solemnly, never ever try putting or applying a baking soda on your face. Baking Soda is an alkaline substance that contain reactants capable of removing the protective layers of the skin your face and exposing them to numerous bacterial infections. It also dies up your face like a powder does and deprived your face of it’s essential oils. Instead use baking powder to clean surfaces in your home.

2. Toothpaste: Toothpaste is another substance that you should never apply on your face. A lot of people having been applying tooth paste to their face with the belief that it will do a similar work of what it does on the teeth. Hell, no. Toothpaste is made just for your teeth and nothing else. Toothpastes are acidic and contains Fluoride. When you apply toothpastes consistently on you face, it dries it up and makes it susceptible to breakage before it begins to flake. Your face is also at a risk of burning out.

3. Petroleum Jelly: Many over-the-counter creams now have petroleum as an ingredient. Please, do well to avoid these type of creams. Never apply petroleum jelly or other products that has petroleum as one of its ingredients. Petroleum Jelly clogs up the pores your skin that can lead to skin diseases such as acne and your face will likely break out after some time. Instead of using petroleum jelly, apply moisturisers as it is less dense and had no power to clog up your skin pores.

4. Dirty Make-up Brush/Blender: In most cases particularly among ladies, the reasons why we develop those annoying acnes, bumps and pimples on our faces is the dirty state of the brush with which we used to apply our Make-ups. After use, wash brushes to take off dirt, sweat and other bacteria that could be present on the brush.

5. Lemon Juice: Lemons are also very acidic and if used on the skin can alter the skin to a great deal. Lemon contains citric acid which can make the skin very light and more susceptible to Sunburns. The pH of the skin is a little below neutral @ 4.5-6.5. So when we apply high acidic substances such as lemon, toothpaste etc. on our face, or highly alkaline substances such as baking soda, we tend to alter the state of our face to a great deal.

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