Skincare And Other Benefits Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The Eucalyptus tree is one that a lot of people do not know about, but has been in existence since time immemorial, and also has been providing humans with tons of benefits over the years.

The Eucalyptus is about the tallest flowering plant on earth known to humans with a lot of species dominating especially in Australia. The peculiarity of this plant has always excited scientists and environmentalists especially due to it’s a major source of wood and produces oil that can be used for a wide range of purposes ranging from cleaning, insecticides, fragrances, fuel, through to body and skin care.

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the benefits of this very wonderful plant based on how it can make the body and skin look better. As we delve further, you will be very surprised at the health benefits of the eucalyptus plant. Now, may we begin…

Uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The uses and benefits of the Eucalyptus essential oil are just too many to mention. It has very strong antimicrobial properties that are enough to combat issues that might threaten the skin, hair and the general well-being of the body in general.

For beauty and skin care, the Eucalyptus essential oil can be used for the following:

Antibacterial purposes

Anti-infectious purposes

Anti-viral purposes

Analgesic purposes

Anti-catarrhal purposes

Anti-inflammatory purposes

So if you are looking for a natural oil that will make your skin glow irrespective of the ailment it is facing, then I think that the Eucalyptus plant is the winner. The eucalyptus natural oil is the full package and I believe that you will not be disappointed.

As you read on, you will find more detailed explanations as to the impact the Eucalyptus essential oil has on different parts of the body.

The Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Its Uses for Hair

Before now, we might have heard about or used different types of treatment and formula on our hair to make us look better. However, the effects of Eucalyptus natural oil are more immediate and long-lasting. Some of the notable benefits for hair treatments are:

1. To Boost and Stimulate

When the Eucalyptus oil is applied to the scalp in conjunction with some form of carrier oil, it is said to give some form of sensation which helps to boost and stimulate the hair follicles. This sensation helps to make sure that blood flows properly in the scalp and therefore will help to stimulate hair growth.

2. For Hair Elasticity

A recent study has shown that the upon application of the eucalyptus essential oil on the hair, it increases the amount of ceramides, makes the hair shaft stronger and also enhances the elasticity of the hair shaft. Elasticity helps to prevent breakage while combing or breaking the hair.

3. For Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial features of the Eucalyptus oil will make it very difficult for dandruff to exist in your hair. Dandruff makes the scalp itchy and when you scratch, it could cause inflammation to the scalp, just use the Eucalyptus oil and all this will be over with.

The Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Its Uses for Sleep

Sleep is very essential to the daily activities of man. The impact rest has on the human body can never be over-emphasized. In this modern world, achieving eight hours of sleep is becoming nearly impossible by the day, but with the help of the Eucalyptus natural oil, there is a chance to achieve it.

Instead of indulging in all manners of sleeping pills with tons of side effects, we strongly recommend that you try using the Eucalyptus natural oil.

1. Body Relexant

Apart from all of the above, the Eucalyptus oil when inhaled gives a certain sense of calmness that is essential for physiological and psychological purposes. When the mind begins to be at rest, it makes dozing off to sleep land faster and better.

2. Anti-Depressant

The Eucalyptus natural oil also helps to reduce the effects of depression which is a major cause of insomnia. Studies have also gone further to state that the Eucalyptus oil goes a long way to help cancer patients and women who have gone through child birth reduce pain and sleep way better.

3. Reduces Anxiety

Having the sweet scent of the Eucalyptus natural oil around you and inhaling it has proven to be a very good sedative over time. It has also been found to relieve stress and reduce anxiety to the bare minimum. All of these factors can go a long way to help people sleep way better.

The Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Its Uses for Acne

Acne has always been an issue plaguing the skin of both men and women alike. It’s quite embarrassing to the person carrying it a sorry sight to behold. Cheer up! It’s not all doom and gloom. The Eucalyptus oil is always there to the rescue. Below are some of the benefits of using Eucalyptus natural oil on the skin:

1. Anti-Scar

The Eucalyptus natural oil is also compatible with other natural oils that can help to achieve desired results like a drying or scar removing effect.

2. For all Skin Types

It is a better option than most of the over-the-counter products we use, because they only help to irritate the skin further which will only make matters worse. Some of these products are also skin sensitive so you might not just know the right one to use. But with the Eucalyptus natural oil, it will always be right on the skin – irrespective of the type.

3. Anti-Bacterial

The anti-bacterial properties of the oil help to fight off the bacteria on the skin and then also does and important job of not allowing it to spread further and contaminate the rest of the skin. This spreading occurs when we touch an infected place and then use touch another place.

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