Skincare : Health Benefits Of Cucumber And Rice Water {Tutorial}

I believe many of you may only have few knowledge on how rice water works but soaking Cucumber in it give more and wider health benefit.

Rice water is the left over water you get after boiling your white rice it has a lot of health benefit in conjunction with cucumber

Method of preparations.

1: After you have gotten your Rice water allow it to cook down a little.

2: Get your cucumber wash into smaller pieces soak it inside the Rice water.

3: Cover it very well leave it for like 30minutes

4: After 30 minutes remove the cucumber from the water pour it in a container that has a very tight lid. Apply it on your body or you can use it to wash your face. It cures a lot of skin infection.

Additional information

After removing the cucumber you squeeze Lime inside the rice water and drink it to cure stomach ache and ulcer but that should be done on an empty stomach.

Effect of the above mixture 

1: It nourish the skin.

2: It makes the Skin dry.

3: It cures eczema and pimples.

4: It can remove any black spot on the skin.

5: It cure rashes and measles.

6: It lighten the skin.

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