Skincare Ingredients To Note For Sensitive Skin + Video

When people have sensitive skin, there are very few ingredients they aren’t sensitive

Now it’s imperative that we state that, what some people have is sensitized skin, than actual sensitive skin.

The difference is that, with sensitized skin, you have used all the wrong types of products that has really angered your skin to a level that it begins to kick at everything it is given and nothing seems to work, you have irritation and are constantly flushing with blemishes while with sensitive skin, it’s an actual skin type and you realise that you tend to have redness when you apply certain types of products that either contain actives like vitamin c, retinol, sometimes niacinamide, and even fragrance. You flush with redness or irritation or milia in some cases.


Sadly in our country, we don’t have access to so many products that tend specifically to sensitive skin types and home remedies can only do so much.

Oats and honey incorporated into products do amazingly well for sensitive skin as they are naturally soothing and calming and don’t trigger the skin but for a few, especially those with intention to lighten their skin, they find that it could sometimes darken and that can be frustrating.

Now enter Centella Asiatica , also known as Gotu Kola which originated from India, it is rich in antioxidants called pertinoids, a distant cousin of retinoids and supremely soothing and calming for sensitive skin.

So if you have sensitive or even sensitized skin, having centella asiatica in your routine Is your go-to.

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