Skincare Opinion : Things That Cause Skin Aging

We all prefer a beautiful skin, radiant and nourished. The things we do are the ones that end up living us with dull, dry and aging skin. Firstly most people prefer using hot water to bath which is wrong, that causes skin aging. Yes hot water deals with germs and also damages your skin.

Rather use warm water than hot water, because the skin won’t handle hot water. A dry skin is also caused by lack of moisture, a skin should be nourished. Drinking lot of water also helps with improving the skin, making sure it doesn’t age quickly.

Most importantly, what you eat determines the state of your skin, if you aren’t eating healthy expect an unhealthy skin too. Lots of junk food causes oily skin, rather have a lot of healthy meals to keep the skin glowing.

You can mention what you do to keep your skin nourished and glowing..

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