Skincare Opinion:The Benefits Of Using Palm Wine And Bitterleaf For Skin Infections

Good health is wealth and a healthy lifestyle is riches. There are thousands of health problem, sickness and diseases out there and some solutions to them day by day are becoming difficult. The good news is though in the science world it difficult, God has bless humanity with natural gifts all around us to attain better health and be happy.

Once upon a time after I participated in some terrible activities an example is giving head to someone that not pure in blood, I got some infections. This together with flies around perching on one skin worsen the whole situation. Syphilis is a common disease an infection that don’t show quickly and comes in different form.

Rashes started developing in some part of my body and constant itching here and there that I get frustrated most of the time. You can apply some tubes oil but will only stop for sometime then it will start again.

So I decided I was going to run a blood test but we’re online and discovered bitter leaf can actually fight infections. I already know it cleanses the blood so I got some bitter leaves and made the juicy water out of them to drink then the thought of rubbing some on my body came and I did rub it all over the affected areas. I was surprised the itching stopped and I felt good and drinking the bitter water gotten from the leaf will clean the blood and the inside of your body.

Someone saw me while rubbing my body and advise I mix the bitter leaf with palm wine. That some month back that what his mother in the village use in treating him of sweetie and some terrible skin infections he had in his private part. This works like magic.

I told the advise and tried it and behold the next day my skin was looking totally like a new born baby skin. This is no exaggeration, using only bitter leaf will give you your skin back and stop itching and this skin infections. Mixing with palm wine will give you an excellent result.

Note this mix of palm wine and bitter leaf aside rubbing on your body you can also drink it. It will clear all rashes and skin infections but please do make sure you treat the one from the inside of the blood to avoid coming back again later in the future.

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