Some Unseen Benefits Of Marrying A Virgin Bride You Should Know

To my own opinion the greatest gift you can get from your wife is her virginity

As a man, the less experience she has, the less penis you are competing against

Higher chances of faithfulness, one that has defeated fornication can defeat adultery, you are sure your first born is yours, 30percent of firstborn belong to other men, don’t be surprise

There is a unique Bond when a husband has sex with his virgin Bride especially if the man is also a Virgin,is awesome

A great role model for your kids , having lived a life of sexual purity she is the best position to guide your kids in the right way “brand new has a special feeling”

She won’t compare you with others,her only sexual experience is the only one she is having with her husband and therefore she is contented those who are not virgin will compare you with 100 of their ex

A virgin can’t have sexually transmitted disease because she hasn’t had sex so you are safe,no need of running those tests because she hasn’t been tested

You don’t have to deal with hearing later on that your newly weeded wife has one or two Chridren,marry a Virgin and have peace of mind

Abortion is a sin and we all know, majority ladies who are not virgin have had two or more abortion for so called useless boyfriend

When you marry a Virgin cheating is limited, and no man can boast of having her except you, sorry to say because some men are kiss and tell but as a virgin they are no such claims because you know you are the only one that has slept with her

As a lady you can proudly inform your kids that you kept your virginity till you got married, you don’t have to deal with guilt from your past life,in conclusion remaining a virgin is the best,do not be discourage, god knows the best, angry girls who have lost theirs would try to discourage you, fornication is a sin

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