The wedding on Valentine’s day (part 1)


“Welcome home baby, how was work today?”
“Fine babe… I’m so hungry” Tunde’s response to his wife showed that he probably had a bad day.
“Opps!“ I haven’t microwaved dinner, time ran so fast today” Ayo ran off with hubby’s work bag and dashed to the kitchen. She put the microwave on.

“What’s in the microwave?” Tunde asked from behind her as he had hungrily followed wifey to the kitchen. Ayo peered through the microwave and opps again, she didn’t even place any food in there to warm up.
“Ei… “ Ayo muttered and swirled herself to the freezer, she made sure she made no eye contact with hubby cos she didn’t want to see the obvious of course fierce look he would portray.

Ayo has been forgetting too much lately, Lazy as heck and always busy doing absolutely nothing. She wouldn’t be able to account for anything she did today that would make her forget to make dinner for hubby till now.
“I don’t want food from the microwave today babe” Tunde’s voice expressed enough dissatisfaction. “I thought you’d make good dinner, tomorrow is valentines day already and you haven’t gotten any grocery. Not just valentines day, but our wedding anniversary. Haba. Do something better joor”

He walked out of the kitchen.
“but baby, I’ll get groceries tomorrow. Let’s manage dinner tonight. Kpele” Ayo tried to call him back.
“why should I manage dinner in my own house?, madam… tell me why.” Tunde raised his voice angrily loosening his tie and cufflinks.
“I’m sorry, I was tired…” Ayo tried to hug him from behind but hubby sure won’t take that. He turned back, with the back of the palm, left a tremendous slap on her face then he pushed her to the ground.
“get off… get off me, you fool”. He stammered.
He mashed her with his shoes to the ground.. Then hit her, again and again and again.
Ayo screamed helplessly… her hands covering her head in bid to save her skull.
“you hit me again Tunde” she screamed
“You fool… stupid woman.” He pulled her up and hit her again.
“you promised never to hit me again” Ayo muttered as she fell to the ground in pains.
“I’ll hit you forever… fool!” Tunde staggered to the bed room.

He threw himself to the bed and hit his fists on the bed again and again. He grumbled.
“That woman is a fool…” of course he felt like hitting her more. He pulled up from the bed towards the door, then to where Ayo was.
Yes, there she was standing but with a knife in her hands. The knife sparkled and was obvious it has never been used. It looked so sharp and the woman holding it was tearing up in anger and pain.
“You hit me again today” she whispered.
“Ayoooo…..” Tunde melted.

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He threw himself to the bed and hit his fists on the it again and again. He grumbled.
“That woman is a fool…” he consoled himself, of course he felt like hitting her more. He pulled up from the bed towards the door, then strolled back to where Ayo was.

Ayo was already on her feet, she stood with a knife in her hands. She held its grip like her whole life depended on it. The knife sparkled and was obviously never used. It looked so sharp and the woman wielding it was tearing up in anger and pain.
“You hit me again today,” she whispered.
“Ayoooo…” Tunde melted as he called her name sweetly, he feigned it. He saw an obviously furious woman, the pains in her eyes spoke a million words. He understood all of it – danger. Tunde could see that her eyes and lips were reddened and swollen. Had he hit her so hard? He asked himself, expecting no answer from anyone.
“Babe, put that stuff down,” he spoke calmly, trying to come as close and as gently as he could.
“Don’t come near, bastard. I’ll kill you and kill myself!” Ayo cried.
“Babe stop this, this is the devil at work.” Tunde cried.
“Let the devil work, bastard! Let him use me the way he just used you.” “LET US BOTH JUST DIE” she yelled.
“haba, baby please don’t say that, you know I love you. It just ehm… ehm… See Ayo…” he came closer.
“Don’t come close Tunde… DON’T!!!!!!!!!” She screamed loud.
“Ahhhh… Oluwa egba mi o, baby the neighbors are hearing you o.” “Ejoor bring down your voice, ema bi nu” Tunde suddenly knelt down. His pleas were obviously not to be heard by the furious bride.

There was a knock to the door. It disrupted their tensed scene. Before the visitor could come in, the lovely couple were already seated. Wifey leaning on hubby’s shoulders with a scarf around her head and shoulders covering a better part of her battered face and hubby gently caressing her cheeks in a very lovely way. Oh, what a lovely couple.

“Mr and Mrs,” the visitors hailed them upon entering and seeing the love scene. Mr. and Mrs. Abiodun had been friends even before they both got married. They were carrying a little parcel wrapped up with carton papers and beautifully labeled ‘happy wedding anniversary’ on it.
“Happy wedding Anniversary,” the Abiodun’s echoed as they handed the parcel to the couple who received it with tremendous joy. Tunde stood to collect it.
“Wow… thank you so much Iyawo.” Ayo hugged Mrs. Abiodun even as the men shook hands.
“Thanks man,” Tunde’s high-pitched masculine voice sounded.
“Let me get drinks please,” Ayo offered.
“No, no… never mind, we’re taking our leave already.” They argued almost at the same time as they were taking their leave.
“Maybe we’ll just hang out tomorrow.” Tunde cut in, knowing well it was not going to be approved by the angry Ayo.
“Alright then, no wahala,” Mr Abiodun said as he shook hands again with Tunde. Mr. and Mrs. moved out after the closed doors, wearing funny faces, filled with lots of wonder.

Ayo hurriedly tried to reach for her knife, she had not ended the drama they were both the stars in, before they were interrupted by the other couple. It was one long and almost unbearable play they showed before the Abiodun’s. Tunde drew her close and hugged her tight. He had gotten to her, before she did the knife.
“Ayo, I’m sorry,” Tunde whispered sweetly, almost kissing on her ears. She tried to push him away.
He was fond of doing this same thing anytime he had committed his monstrous atrocities. ‘This time, its won’t work,’ Ayo assured herself.
“Leave me alone,” She tried again to pull off from his embrace.
“Come here babe, you’re my wife.” Tunde pulled her again and kissed her lips this time.
“You dare kiss the lips you inflated? Bastard!” She spoke subtly, drawing herself from his grip again. “Bastard!” she said again, loudly this time.
“Can you just stop calling me a bastard,” Tunde said, raising his voice. “Fool!” He added.
“And when will you ever stop hitting me, you master Bastard?” She continued,
“when will you stop disfiguring my face and causing me pains. Is this the ‘to love and to hold’ you promised me a year ago on the alter before several people or is this the ‘for better and worse?’ Oh, oh, maybe this will be till death do us path.”
“Babe,” Tunde broke in, rather like a hungry lad,
“Don’t babe me this time, I can’t take this anymore. I won’t! I refuse to take it, I’m tired, I’m tired of you Tunde, I’m tired!” She cried.
“Babe, I said I’m sorry now, what else should I say? I’m very sorry” Tunde continued, crying in a vain pretense. It looked like a sad mockery.
“Ema bi nu, forgive me, I’ll never repeat this again, I promise.” He beat on his flat chest as he added this part, one knee to the ground – the usual repentant sinner style.
“Same old stories, same old sentence, same speech by same bastard.” Ayo exploded, seemingly provoked by the acting. She had seen it almost million times before from him. “Why can’t you bring up something new, maybe another sentence. Aren’t you tired of promising and failing abruptly. Same thing you said after we lost our first pregnancy, same with the second and the third.” She added how Mrs. Abiodun had grown a big tummy with a baby inside, while all she kept growing was either a big eye or an inflated lip.
“Thank you, Tunde. But I’m tired, I’m tired ooo.” She added, beating on his flat chest too. She was glad doing that without any retaliation.

“You talk as if you are perfect madam,” Tunde burst in, visibly vexed. It was not the beating on his chest though.
“You forget how much you stress me in this house. See now… it was your incapability to prepare a good dinner that has brought out all these. Not like I didn’t provide the money for it.” They both froze for a moment, an unplanned silence. Ayo was still held-up in Tunde’s arms.
“There was dinner Tunde, a good one we could eat and be happy.” She said softly, breaking the silence that brought some sanity.
“I know I became lazy and forgetful lately, I know I didn’t get the grocery, I know you provide all the money in this house since you stopped me from my job.” She argued with an almost endless list.
“But Tunde, I have never left you hungry, never! No matter how hard it was,” she continued.
“Not in your stomach nor on the bed, I have never disobeyed you, never have I hurt you. But you hurt me every time. You hurt my flesh, my body, my emotions, my health.” She showed him the scars and bruises the he had not yet seen,
“Tunde, you hurt my life. I am tired. I can’t continue with this.”
“Oh my sleeping child, the world so wide, but we built our own paradise, that’s one reason why… I’ll cover you slee…” Tunde tried to sing one old song
“Abeg its okay jare, don’t cover me, I’m not sleeping,” Ayo interrupted
“The ‘musician with the lyrics’, carry your song go front, I’m not interested.”
Tunde’s disappointment could be seen on his face from a thousand miles away. This was the same song he sang after Ayo said ‘yes’ to him three months before their wedding. He knew he was the fine and romantic dude the ladies could not resist. He had most of what he wanted at the snap of his fingers. He was always good with word for the ladies, you will think that he was a playboy. Ayo had always fallen for this song, but today.
“Kai, this woman is vexed o.” Tunde thought.
“It’s okay baby, I’m truly sorry,” he added.
“Don’t ‘baby’ me!” Ayo shouted back.
“I’m tired of baby and beats.” She said as she tried walking away.
“Come here!” Tunde shouted as he pulled her. Ayo could feel that he was hard already.
“How can my pain make this bastard aroused?” Ayo thought. She knew that no matter how hard she would try, he was still going to have his way. Of course, either be by mutual consent or by force.
Yes, he did have his way, on the couch in the sitting room. He was always good at that.
“Whether I’m in pains or not, I’ll always admit that he is good here.” She thought again, forcing a smile,
“But however, tomorrow won’t be funny. One person must go down. Definitely! All this nonsense has to stop. Its either by choice or by force.” She continues in her thoughts. The bastard was already snoring loud, smiling satisfied by his resolution tactics.
“I don’t want to die under the umbrella of ‘baby,’ pains and sweet sex. One person definitely has to go down!” She smiled as she thought of the sex again. The bastard kept on snoring and smiling.

Watch out what happens tomorrow..!

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  • Dorcas
    February 14, 2019

    If ayo should repeat her lazy character of not preparing dinner,probably Tunde will act the same way n the fight continue.

  • Crystal
    February 15, 2019

    She might run away

  • Mercy
    February 15, 2019

    Ayo will run away

  • Bridget
    February 16, 2019

    Am so scared for Ayo

  • Funmilayo obieze
    February 17, 2019

    Life continues tomorrow. It’s obvious his manipulation has always and will always work on her.. till she realize that

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