Sunflower Oil is Not Just For Cooking, See Its Uses For Skincare

Sunflower oil its not just good to use for cooking, but you can benefit more from it. It has vitamin E and contains an essential fatty acid, and oleic acid which is a mono unsaturated fat.

Here are the healthy benefits of sunflower oil

• May Help Fight cancer.

• Promote digestion.

• Promotes heart health.

• Fight acne.

Enhance oral health

This oil is beneficial for pulling oil, the oil exhibits antibacterial activity against albicans, which is the most common cause of infections in some people. It also reduce gingivitis.

Fight inflammation

The sunflower oil is rich in omega -6 fatty acid, so intake of these can trigger the production of pro – inflammatory chemicals in the body. The oil was found to reduce the adverse side effects of the drug.

Helps to treat eczema

The vitamin E in the sunflower oil aids the treatment of eczema. The oil improves the skin barrier and further enhances skin health. Also may treat dry skin, which is the other symptoms of eczema.

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