The Mystery Of Marriage Every Intending Couple Should Know

Marriage is something that ought to be given a deep thought before venturing into, it is a great idea of two people who decides to live forever together. Today I will look at a different perspective of marriage contrary to what the society has displayed and taught us, marriage is a place to learn, relearn and be corrected. It is a place where a man is translated into a husband and a woman is translated into a wife. There are big difference between man and husband or woman and wife. Not all men become husbands and not all women become wives.

Marriage is a covenant and agreement without any expectation but giving your all. If you are not ready to give yourself then there is no need to be married. We lay our lives for the sake of each other, creating an ambient environment where all of us thrive and harmoniously live. Marriage does not kill desires but it empowers what both of you had initially. A man provides a platform for the wife who is a nurturer to thrive by giving her the seeds of the purpose, the woman provides an environment where the man can think and produce healthy seeds.

Contrary to the norm, marriage is not for the society but it is for the two people who chose to live with each other, thus we should not succumb to the demands of the society, every marriage is different and unique that is why we should not compare our marriages and spouses with others. Be yourself, perhaps you are going to bring in something new that has never existed in the institution of marriage. Have you given yourself as a gift to your spouse? Giving is fulfilling than receiving.

Marriage is not only the union of two people together to start a family and have children but it’s the unity between life and the body which brings in eternity. From our first parents Eve is called the mother of all living, she was the essence of life and had the ability to give the same life to others, nurturing all the facets of life. Her role as opposed to the modern societal dynamics is not related to her simple name but in Hebrew her name is chavah which means life or living.

The essence of a man leaving his parents to be united to his wife and cleave to one another is to bring back that body or flesh (Adam) back to a living state. Intimacy births life and suspends death into its rightful place. Where there is intimacy life overflows. Intimacy brings life and life manifests Good. Being Good is when your whole being is having a 100% functionality without any failure. When there is a dysfunction then evil is manifested and death reigns.

Actually marriage is the desire of all creations, when heaven will marry the earth, the fullness of things will surely come to pass. Marriage is not just for satisfying the gratification of the flesh but it allows you to get back to the original place where you existed with God. Man will be married to God and the two shall be one, this is a mystery though wrapped in a parable. The completeness of God depends on our marriage with Him.

Man pursuing a woman is just the same gratification that God has for us, He has been pursuing us,he proposed to us through Calvary and now we’re in intimate relationships where we want to know Him in His nakedness without the garment of Light. He is calling us into that place of secrecy where we can unveil our being to Him.That longingness is what He put in us, that as we desire to be loved and love, to be appreciated and taken care of that’s what we also expect from Him. Marriage is the unifying factor that brings one into eternal realm. Until the two bodies become one then there is no entry into Eden.

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