The wedding on valentine’s day (part 2)


The counsellor’s office wasn’t too far from the lawyers’ office as well, so getting the groceries after meeting these people was definitely not a bad Idea. It was valentines’ day after all and Ayo had set out very early that morning, even before the snoring nigga got off his tired ass.
It was going to be a very busy day for her, she thought. She still had to visit her gynecologist and perhaps the medical laboratory to run some test. Oh! She should also see her optician to replace her glasses ASAP as the old one had a broken piece.
“Can I know how it all started?” The counselor asked in her usual inquisitive tone.
“I mean when he first hit you?” She continued, painting a little sympathy with her expression. Madam counsellors’ voice was a characteristically tiny one and she pulled her glasses down every time she spoke. I am sure it was to confirm that she was seeing her client with both of her naked eyes and also through her funny-looking glasses. Those pair of glasses must have been an inheritance from whosoever ancient, because no optician in these days will make such kind of glasses.
“And why?” She finally added, adding a frown this time.
“Ehmm… mmm,” Ayo stammered, not knowing exactly where to start.
She never had the intention to visit or tell anyone about her husband or home but it seemed she had been pushed too hard on the wall. Same reason she had chosen not to discuss with any relative or close person.
“He first hit me last year but he apologized immediately and I forgave him.” Ayo stuttered as she spoke, constantly turning around to make sure no one was spying on her.
“Okay, why did he do that, can I know all you want me to know ma’am?” the counsellor’s voice came sharper as she queried more. Lovingly though.
“Ma, he hit me that day because I lied.” Ayo replied, with her head bent down. She tried as much to avoid contact with the madam’s eyes.
She had lied to him that she would not be able to honor his planned date because she was going to work over-time. But she really did not. She went visiting her friends instead. It was her choice though, and he hit her because she did not apologize for doing that. He pleaded immediately though. They were just one month into the relationship then, and he never did that again until after their marriage.

“My husband is actually a nice man o,” Ayo continued, head still bent down.
“He is kind and generous but for his insecurities and anger. He Is always quick to raise his hands and speak out of anger. He is always sorry for his already spoken words and never cares about them afterwards. He is a nice man but he is becoming tiring.”
“I have talked to my lawyer. I’m quitting!” She hit her fist on the desk, then kept calm. She continued after a while.
“I’m quitting because I don’t want to die under the arms of a brutal husband. I don’t want to die under the umbrella of marriage. I know so many people will call me names and some will tell me that I’m irresponsible and all sort. But I don’t care about those things anymore. What I care about now is my life, my health, my future… My beautiful life.”
“Ma, my wedding was a beautiful one. I had my choice of wedding. It is exactly today a year ago. We wedded a day before valentine and our honey moon started on valentine’s day.” She reflected on some of the beautiful memories she had. They were sweet memories of forever.
Indeed, she would never try to trade it for anything in the world. The fact that Tunde was good was unapologetically true. He knew so well on how to touch a lady and the right words to tell her heart that  will certainly send vibrations to her spines. He certainly knew how to send soft kisses from the neck down to the rest part of the body. He touches the soul.
He would make you hot, and then give you ice. He would make you smile and then you’ll moan. He’s just the perfection of the guys in those romantic novels we read in secondary school. But were there reasons she stayed? Was he also so good at something else?”
“Madam!” The counselor interrupted the pretty sitting lady. Slightly battered in appearance though. She was obviously lost in thought for some minutes and was only muttering something that could not heard. “Madam, you said your husband is a nice man.”
“Yes, he is ma, except for his anger!” Ayo replied with a smile, one that soon turned into a grubby one.
“My dear,” madam counselor adjusted her eye glasses. “You see, marriage is like ‘black market.’ No one knows how it really is inside until you are in it already. I understand how much it pains you about your husband’s flaws. But you see, there’s none without a flaw. Even you!” Their eyes eventually met at the utterance of those words.
“Yes ma, I’ve got flaws, I admit I do. No one is without one, but the case here is… I don’t want to die because of someone’s flaws. My own flaws have never killed anyone.” Ayo frowned as she spoke.
“Have you ever talked to him when he is with a better countenance?”
“Yes, I have. Over time in fact, time without number.” She replied almost immediately, with some frustration in her voice.
“When we lost our first pregnancy, he promised never to hit me again. He promised the lost fetus that it would be better with its forth coming siblings. We agreed to be stronger and better, but he’ll always forgot his promise. Same thing he repeated at the second. Now I lost my third pregnancy December 26th, after Christmas, because I told him I knew he was keeping a girlfriend.” Yeah yeah, it was boxing day, what was she expecting from that kind of accusation on a day like that.
“I never believed it will get to that and again, he made the same promise. I’m tired of those promises!” She let out a loud cry.
“That’s quite bad. I’m sorry about that, but you see my dear, leaving your marriage is not the greatest option. Working out your marriage is. Divorce is not part of the steps to a ‘happily ever after’. The holy book made us to understand that death should be the only part to the bond of marriage.” She could see that Ayo was already frowning but continued anyway.
“The holy book said that a wise woman builds her house but the foolish one scattereth with her own hands. Remember that the virtuous woman is the one who will keep her family, make her husband to be respected at the gates and also chase the wolves that try to devour the home.” Madam counselor continued, visibly carried away with her quotes.
“With prayers, every woman can conquer her home and fight every battle on her knees.” She looked at Ayo who was already feeling uneasy, then she asked “how often do you pray about this?” Ayo looked at her and smiled.
“He prays with me about this issue most times. So how will he change? Someone cannot tie a chain around his neck and keep pulling it to loose. You should have to stop pulling the chain, and loosen it from where you tied it,” she replied.
The vibration from her phone made her cut short her speech. It was a text message from Tunde. ‘Remember the hangout with the Abiodun’s’. It stated.
She thought of the grocery shopping, then the gynecologist, the laboratory, and the optician. She must run along now. Though she didn’t wish to go on any hangout but she never got the guts to say no.
“I need to run along now ma, home duties call.” She stood up pointing to her phone in other to tell the counselor that the phone said so.
“Keep praying my daughter, God will see you through, and I’ll be praying for you too.” Madam counselor said, reaching out for her cheek.
“Thanks ma, I shall come back” Ayo added, trying to hurry.
“With testimonies,” the counselor chipped in.
“Hallelujah” Ayo laughed as she stormed out of the counselors’ office.


“Why come home at this time? Tunde’s voice thundered. That thunderous voice always had a way of frightening the young lady. She looked at her watch. It was past 3PM.
“I’m sorry hun, has to visit the gynecologist, the laboratory and the optician after I got groceries.
“Didn’t you get my SMS? He queried.
“I did, so I had to hurry?
“what time?” His look was now stern.
“At about 11:30 or thereabout”
“And where exactly were you then?” He stood akimbo.
“Ehmmm…” ‘Should I tell him I was at the counseling office, what exactly would I tell him I went there to do there? Should I lie? Will it bring peace?’ These thoughts rained through Ayo’s mind like hale.
Tunde stared still waiting for his investigation to continue.

What’s next?… Find out tomorrow!

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