Things You Should Know Before You Text Your Ex

The country was on lockdown for about 3 weeks before the president recently lifted it. Although it has been lifted, corona is still lurking outside so it’s not advisable to go out. Now since we are all indoors, the mind has been playing all sorts of tricks on us… including letting us play with the idea of texting that ex.

Before you do anything you’ll regret, here are 4 reasons why you should delete that ex’s number so you aren’t tempted to text them again.

You’re bored

Think about it… You’ve done almost everything there is to do and there’s still so much time left on your hands. You’re tired of watching all those series and movies, cooking, eating, sitting and even sleeping. The one thing that gets you excited is hitting up that ex because you aren’t sure of the response. The thrill of the unknown is what is pushing you to do this. Please do not. It’s the boredom talking.

2. What if Corona doesn’t leave anytime soon?

Admit it, you’ve thought about this but in the spirit of optimism we push the thought away. There are people in Ghana who don’t even think the virus is real and think we are doing the most. There are people who think it’s easy to cure and so you should just keep drinking warm lemon tea. There are people in the US currently protesting and demanding the removal of lockdown measures. People in Florida are going to the beach like there’s nothing going on in the world.

Are we really sure Corona will leave soon? If it won’t then there’s no point texting that guy cuz there’s really no way you would meet up unless of course, you’re willing to risk your health and that of your family for someone that you broke up with for genuine reasons.

3. You’re just horny

That’s the main reason why some of you are contemplating texting the ex. You are just horny. There’s nothing else to it and since you have so much time on your hands now, you’re reminiscing about the good times you had with them. Well then, remember why you guys broke up and let that bring your brains back home.

4. What if they leave you on “read” or “seen”?

Lmaoooo!! The biggest L you’ll take this year! Afterwards, they’ll send it to a group they’re in just to laugh at you. My dear, when you see their name in your contact list, pass by. Don’t let the devil tempt you.


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