Top 2 Dangerous Effects Of Plastic Surgery You Probably Don’t Know About

Sometimes beauty brings attraction to the opposite sex. Most ladies try to make themselves beautiful inorder to get attraction from males. So many years has seen many people value beauty more than personality and behavior during marriage. This has seen many ladies try all means to make themselves look beautiful and attractive.

Medical operations including plastic surgery and use of chemicals to bleach skin is use by ladies to make them appear beautiful. Nowadays, enlarging of hips and breast is the most performed plastic surgery in the continent. Many celebrities who want to get attraction from their followers have sought all kinds of surgery.

Most of young ladies want to do it even as we talk now. Am not against it, but my question is, do you know the consequences? Are you ready to bear with them? If you don’t know here are some of them;

1. Use of chemicals to bleach skins has lead to cancer and mutations as it aims on killing the melanins that prevents us from UV Ray’s from the sun that causes skin cancer. Cancer has no cure so you better think twice before doing it.

2. Excessive plastic surgery can cause body deformations and lossing of shapes. It may also lead to cancer. As in this image the lady did her buttocks and breast enlarment using plastic surgery but what is the outcome? Just take care

Some of the pharmaceutical companies in the world are after money not our well-being that’s why even after learning all these they still produce these equipments. Some surgeons also are under money and do it maliciously to gain money.

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