Top 7 Nigerian Slang’s You Should Stop Using In 2020, No 3 Is Very Old

Every year, it’s the same cycle; a new celebrity ,a new video or meme goes viral, a new slang comes out of it and before you know it, everywhere you turn on the streets you begin to hear it. 2019 wasn’t an exception, but now 2019 is over, it’s time for us to finally let go of these seven slangs and leave them in the past.

1) Based on logistics

This slang should technically have been left in 2018, but some stubborn people still brought it into 2019 and based on logistics we say that enough is enough; no more in 2020.Mad o

2) Mad O!!

The origin of this slang isn’t known, but it made its rounds in 2019. Up to the point that female American rapper, Cardi B was roped into saying it during her first-ever visit to Nigeria in December. What do you say about that? Mad o!

3) Don’t be annoyded

Aren’t you tired of people doing things they know will get you upset but then tell you to not be angry? Like, are you going to make me upset and then tell me how to process it?

4) Parte after Parte

This was unarguably the number one slang of 2019. Especially Detty December 2019. But now that it’s over, it’s time to get back to more responsible activities. No more “parte after parte”, there’s food at home.

5) Turnioniown

In the year 2019, there were many things in Nigeria that we’re just Turnioniown. But this is a new year and we cannot still be living in the fear of the past. So let’s leave behind everything that was Turnioniown in 2019 and start afresh in 2020.

6) Gbe body

If you did not “gbe body” in 2019, odds are you will not gbe body in 2020 either. So please, leave the slang to those who can do the dance. And for those of you who have been dancing since 2019, e never reach? What will it profit a man to “gbe body” and break his leg afterward?

7) Inside Life

2019 was the year of the Marlians, and only a true Marlian understands the meaning and proper use of this slang.

So perhaps this is the only slang that is allowed to continue into the year 2020 before they come for our heads for banning one of the most iconic lines in the Marlian anthem.

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