Until You Read This To The End, Do Not Choose A Life Partner

People often misplace lust for love.

They say lust lead to love but no, it doesn’t. It only lead to a night of hot sex.


Please follow these practical steps carefully, don’t be lazy just keep reading.

You can simply detect if the feeling is LUST or LOVE through these carefully assessment procedures.


True love and infatuation or lust can simply be detected by the way it begins.

The driven force of a relationship could be detected by the way it started.

Lust starts hot and gradually freezes with respect to time and discoveries.

Lust comes with a boom and people usually misinterpret it for ” LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.”

There is nothing like”love at first sight”, it’s “lust at first sight.”

Lust is sudden, quick to come up and quick to die off, but love starts cool and gradually gets hot with time and discoveries.

We don’t fall in love, we grow in love.


T— Trust worthy


I— Interpreter of


M— Mind and


E— Emotions (feelings)

Time is a definer that you can trust, it has the ability to uncover the hidden truth behind every move, even when the mouth is lying.

Lust does not survive the test of time, it dies with time.

Lust wants it now, yes! ” Let’s do it now, let’s have sex now”, everything is now.

It lacks the Power to wait.

Lust is a hunter, it gets so desperate and hasty about its own interest but fails as soon as it accomplishes it desire.

Please don’t be deceived, what is worth having is worth waiting for.

True love can survive time because it’s patient and Suffers long.


Lust says ” out of sight is out of mind”.

Lust sleeps in absence of physical presence, touches, kisses, sex, etc, but true love is often deepened and boosted by distance.

Any lover who cannot survive your absence is just a hunter and attention seeker.

Love grows in your absence and in your presence, in front of you and behind you.

Any professed lover who can not live in your absence is just attracted to your physical appearance and not you.

If you truly love me to the point of spending your entire life time with me, I should always be present in your mind even when I’m physically absent.



“Sir I’m in love with three ladies and I don’t know exactly who to marry amongst them, I’m so confused”

Love is straight forward, love doesn’t confuse itself. Love is represented by the heart and it uses the heart, of course the heart is just one hence it can only accommodate one intimate lover at a time.

You cannot love more than one person intimately at a time, it’s totally impossible but you can lust after as many as possible.

Jude has fallen in lust, not in love.

If there are more than one persons on the list, then it’s not love.

Don’t be fooled, intimate love cannot be divided.

It’s not gala and bread.

I knew I was in love with JOSSY when I couldn’t see any reason to fall for any other lady but her. The feeling was so strong and overwhelming…



it can never be love when feeling is reckless and stupid, and unpurposeful.

True love is purpose driven, reasonable, precise, defining, and articulately destination – bond.

Listen to this!

” I don’t know where the relationship is leading to but I’m sure I love you so much, please bear with me let’s watch and see , especially if you truly love me.”

Funny comedian!

Don’t be fooled, that’s the language of lust, the thought of infatuation, the deceitfulness and subtle idea of sex hunters.

Any relationship initiated without a conciously calculated and clearly defined purpose is fraudulent and heart recking. This must be lust!

Love is usually aware of its destination before embarking on any journey.

True love is not experimental, it is analytically straight forward.

We must understand that love is more than just a mere feeling. It’s a commitment, a responsibility and a decision.

Any relationship without a specific destination is lust – centerd and void of love.


In the world of infactuation, anything goes, any route is acceptable, any idea is perfect as long as everyone is happy.

No clear – cut direction, no rules, and no boundaries.

Any relationship driven by emotions and circumstances is routed in lust because love is very analytical about direction.

Imagine a traveler who follows every available route and stops at every bus stop, isn’t it clear he is going no where?

Infactuation goes on a circular or rotational movement.

Direction is the general position a person or thing moves or points towards.

Some folks say love is blind, how can love be blind? Love has sight…


Please run away from any relationship that has no direction and boundaries.

If he or she says it’s love, then you must be careful to discover what the professed love is pointing towards.

Is it pointing towards nothing positively tangible?

If yes! It’s not love.

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