Very Powerful Things You Should Learn Early In Life While Growing

1. Don’t hold your Fart

1. Don’t hold your fart:You might end up disappointed if you do so. Everybody farts that’s natural.

2. Sexual intercourse at young age is prohibited

2. Sexual intercourse at a young age is prohibited but hypocrisy kills the taboo.

3. Avoid attachment

3. Attachments are a major cause of overthinking and getting broken.

4. Human change

4. We humans are designed to change. Not a stagnant creature that remains unmoved. We’re organisms that will crawl to another habitat and lay eggs with other mammals.

5. People move on

5. Moving on is like a rock poof that stucks and still blocks on your bowl. Really hard to do but we still keep on flushing.

6. Marriage before sex

6. Marriage before sex is like winning a golden trophy. Nowadays, a partner who’s loyal, respectful and loves you truly is like winning an 99.99 billion kuwait lottery, but that rarely happens.

7. Be receptive

7. Being receptive will get you to the top. Practice this.

8. Speak truth

8. Truth is covered with thick lies and we just confidently persuade and embellish stories.

9. Spend time alone

9. Spending time alone for half an hour will clearly help you make good decisions. Probably for introverts mainly.

10. Practice what you learn

10. Self help books are just a guide. It’s you who can make a move. Don’t just digest those motivational words on your brain. Learn to move while applying them. Learnings and applications must be a partner. Then, here comes experience and success stories.

11. Let your mental area work before you feel

11. Being in love can make you stupid. Heart dominates over the brain. Your brain dysfunctions while your heart is so stupid because its usage is to feel and not to think. Let your mental area work first before you feel.

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