VIRGINS: Here Are Relationship Tips For You Either You’re Dating Or Planning To Do So

Being over eighteen while still a virgin is the best achievement people consider nowadays and more precious than diamonds. This is because most people of young age are exploiting the forbidden fruit before time.

But the achievement poses challenges when it comes to dating and marriages. Here are some of the dating tips for virgins, who are either dating or planning to be in a relationship, although finding a virgin is a rare priceless gift.

First, do not rush to tell that the ‘hinges of you doors’ are still intact. It is not a must you tell it out, just hold on. Moreover, you do not want to share it out. Not unless your relationship is all about making love then you have to consider ways to let your partner know.

Secondly, be clear of what you want. I’m sure people must know each other well before dating. This includes what they want in the relationship, their statuses and their dating history. So if a person tells you she wants a guy who is not virgin, would you still date her despite the fact that she has clearly said what she wants? No.

So if you want to wait until you marry so that you can break it, then be clear. The only way of making a relationship work is agreeing with your lover.

Thirdly, be comfortable about it. Be happy and comfortable about intactness no matter what reasons why you have not or you do not look forward to adventuring the secret fruit. The more comfortable and confident you are, the better your relationship becomes.

Fourthly, learn how it feels to lose it. Before rushing to break it with your lover, learn from those who have experienced. It can be your friends or parents when, you are open to them. Or go online and search for testimonies from anonymous people.

Fifth, do explain why you are at twenties yet you have not experienced the taste of the fruit in the middle. It is your decision and choice to abstain from ‘illegal love making’. It is not a crime to do so thus you owe no one explanation and apologies.

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