Ways To Know If The Man You’re Dating Is A Good Man And A Good Keeper

Sometimes women let go of great guys and end up regreting later on. Here are a few signs that your man is a keeper and deserves to spend an eternity with you.

1.He commits to spending time with you and doesn’t come up with silly excuses to cancel your plans last minute because he is always looking forward to seeing you.

2.He treats the women in his life with respect. If he is never disrespectful to his mother and sisters, he will definitely treat you like a queen.

3.He always comes through for you whenever you are in need of his help because he cares about you and would like to be your hero.

4.He doesn’t stand you up and end up embarrassing you in public without a good reason. He is always in time.

5.He is not hot and cold because he knows what he wants – you, and wouldn’t want to risk losing you by giving mixed signals.

6.He respects your opinions, values you and treats you with respect because you are special to him.

7.He enjoys showing you off to his friends and family members. He knows your worth.

8.He is very patient with you and does not push you to make critical decisions that are only favourable to him. He gives you time to make up your mind.

9.He replies to your texts in good time and always picks up your phone calls. A man who doesn’t care about you will always redirect your calls to the voicemail and will not call you back.

10.This man is always true to his words, he keeps his promises. If he says he will call you, he will create time and do just that without making excuses.

11.He is always honest with you and you never catch him telling little lies. He always opens up to you.

12.He is your number one fan and always supports your crazy ideas and corrects you with love.

13.He is a good listener and you can talk to him about anything. He gives you good pieces of advice too, for free.

14.Whenever he offends you, he owns up to his mistakes, takes full responsibility and apologises to you. He is not egocentric.

15.He is full of sweet surprises like bringing you flowers at work, and calls you sweet names more often. He never lets you forget how much he loves you.

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