What You Should Know About The Zungeru Building Where Lord Lugard Signed Nigeria’s Amalgamation

Zungeru, town of amalgamation, in shambles (Premium Times 201)

In the razzmatazz of the centenary celebration, the picture seeks to bring to the fore the state of the city that birthed the amalgamation.

With drums of the centenary celebration beating thunderously in various councils, especially the councils of the Federal Government and its supporters, mostly known as sycophants, the average Nigerian, the president talked about in his interview with Christina Amanpour, still feels the pangs of ill governance, including the lack of electricity that President Goodluck Jonathan spoke so glowingly about.

Monies spent for the centenary celebration should be used for other purposes, the average Nigerian would say. And some think the huge celebration in honour of the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate is a celebration of colonization. The amalgamation signified a height of exploitation of the colonies forcefully acquired by the Britons. Nigeria was forcibly yoked together regardless of the will of the people involved for the singular reason of further and easier exploitation.

There are, however, other schools of thought in favour of the celebration of the 100th year of the amalgamation of the North and South of Nigeria. “We like the idea of a centenary celebration. If anything, it will help to unite our dear country even more,” travel journalist, Pelu Awofeso, says.

But he brings to the fore, the absolute dejection of the historic town where the joining of the south and North actually took place.

Zungeru in Niger State is the town where Frederick Lugard signed the amalgamation into being. It should be the centre of the celebration; after all it is the point where South and North met. It should be the ideal Centenary city, but so far, not much has been heard about the town, an important historical landmark in Nigeria, Mr. Awofeso says.

Here is an image to draw a picture of the state of neglect Zungeru is in while the Federal government celebrates the centenary in grand style dedicating a whole year and huge sums of money to.

This is the house where Frederick Lugard signed the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria.

Zungeru is a city dejected; the centenary celebration committee might want to take note of this.

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