WOMEN: Here Are Five Things You Should Always Buy For Your Man

Society has almost made us believe that the man should play 90% of the roles in a relationship. This is however far from the truth because a woman should equally play a significant role in nurturing a relationship/marriage.

Here are five things a woman should always avail to her boyfriend or husband for a successful union

1. Clothing

The outward appearance of a man is the responsibility of his woman. A man has little control over his appearance and so it’s a woman’s role to ensure his man is always presentable. No man deserves to put on torn socks and claim to be dating or married. A good belt, good shoes and nice clothes. All these are within the confines of a woman’s role and any woman who claims to love his man naturally will do this. A true woman should always slowly accumulate these for his man.

2. Kitchen equipments

In Africa, a man has little control over what goes on in the kitchen. In that regard, a man is not expected to go about buying basic items for use in the kitchen. In fact the rule among the men club is: Never equip your kitchen no matter how financially successful you are. .

3. Wallet

As insignificant as it may seem on the first glance, a wallet is a very dear thing to men. After all, its in the wallet where most relationships stem from. A responsible lady will ensure his man Flaunts the most decent wallets around. This is where men keep their valuables and basic identification documents. Ensure that every time he takes it out of his pocket, he sees you through it

4. Shaving Machine

This is equally an important tool to men. Your man needs to always look neat; how will he look neat with an overgrown beard. Always ensure you gets him the latest brands in the market

5. The Bedroom

Just like the kitchen, the bedroom is a woman’s territory. Your man can not go around buying bedsheets, duvets, pillows etc. It is just not one of his strengths. A good woman equips his bedroom be it if you are just dating or you are married to him.

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