WOMEN: Read Ways To Spoil Your Husband With Love


My dear married sister in this world. There is no happiness in this world than being married.

Always say for such a darling husband God has blessed you with.

Appreciate your man’s effort. With the little effort he is able to provide in the family appreciate him it makes men to leave longer

Thank him for completing that project no matter how small it is! Man also like complement just like a lady would. Thanking your man with a hot kiss when ever he does it right is good.

Thank him for making you a wife. oh this one is the most beautiful thing a woman would do to make her man know that she is thankful for making her his love. It makes men feel happy to know that.

Thank him for making you the queen of his empire. ladies when last did you woke up very early in the morning kiss your husband and say to him thanks for making you his queen, knowing fully well there’s millions of beautiful ladies in the world, but he chooses you.

Tell him you love him. so many African women doesn’t know how to tell their husbands ( I love you) it is more easily said when the relationship is starting, but after Marriage that is all.

Tell him he is your king. men want to feel and know they are still the same King who you Left millions of guys to say I do, many married woman seems to have lost their real sense of love towards their husbands.

He deserves your prayers. So, pray for him. pray for him men go through alot that requires your prayers, a wife Pray is very powerful especially when the man is going out in the morning to look for the family daily bread.

He needs your love and cares show him love when your husband is leaving the house make him feel your presence, this is one of the reasons why some men go out there looking for a lady who can show them care. Because at home they don’t feel the presence of their wife many men are married but they are lonely.

He needs your companionship. love him with your companionship, it makes men feel that they did not make mistakes marrying you.

He needs your warm hug. this one dead after Marriage I have seen many marriages but hug is something very difficult to many Couples to do.

Do not forget to wake him up for prayers.o only families that are deeply in God does this.

Do not forget to cook his favourite dishes for him. This only happens when the man brings money and make a demand some women finds it difficult to use their own money to prepare her husband his favourite dishes.

Do not forget to dress him up as you used to when you were newly married.

Do not forget to satisfy him as ordained by God sexualy.

And do not forget that he is a human being who is bound to make mistakes just like you.

So forgive him unconditionally and wholeheartedly without remembering him of the past.


May God bless all marriages and make it easier for those searching for soul mates.

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