Women Who Stay After Being Cheated On May Exhibit The Following Habit

When most men cheat and the women stay, they wonder why the matter keeps coming up years later even when they thought they had been forgiven. The simple rule of thumb is, women may forgive cheating, but they will never forget. You might get so angry wondering why a matter that should have been laid to rest keeps coming up again and again, but to understand why you need to first understand what cheating does to a woman who decides to stay.

The wounds never heal

You have probably heard that broken plate analogy: Drop a plate on the floor, once it is broken, say sorry to it. Did that undo the breaking? It is still broken right?

The same way, when a man cheats, he might genuinely apologize to his woman, and follow it up with a change in behaviour. But nothing can piece up the broken pieces of her heart, your relationship might survive, but it can never be the same.

-They develop insecurities

The part of a woman that gets hit the most after a cheating episode is mostly her self-esteem because she might think that you cheated on her because she lacked in some way.

She might feel inadequate and start questioning her finances, her appearance, her dressing, her personality – everything that might have made you pick another woman over her.

When a woman stays after being cheated on, you might realize that she suddenly becomes hyper aware of these things when she previously was just fine.

The trust is broken

There is nothing that is hard to rebuild as trust. Trust is one thing that you have to get right the first time, you mess it up, that’s it.

A woman who stays after being cheated on lacks trust, and this is one of the most vital building blocks of a relationship.

It gets hard to separate truth from fiction

After a cheating episode, most women do not know when a man is lying and when he is telling the truth, and why should they yet they have been given a reason not to.

Even when you really are at the office at 8pm, they might not believe that.

Her physical attraction to you might fade

Most couples report that their sex life suffers greatly after a partner’s cheating is discovered. Some go for months or even years without sex, and for many reasons. First, sex for women has a lot to do with emotions, and once those have been messed up with by the cheating, it gets hard to feel attracted sexually to the same man.

The insecurities may also make her feel less attractive, thus not enthusiastic about sex. Also, you have gone out and shared what she thought was hers, just the thought of getting down and dirty may leave a bad taste in her mouth.

She might become rude

Just because she stayed does not mean she is okay or she has healed. No woman ever fully heals after being cheated on. That pent-up anger and bottomless bitterness might present itself in sudden outbursts, strong emotions that she might have never exhibited before. Most women become combative and irritable, and the smallest thing sets them off.

Generally, women who stay after cheating lead miserable lives, literally paying for the mistakes they never committed.

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