You Can’t Live Without These 10 Important Life Lessons

In this life, there is much to teach and be taught, and we are constantly learning a variety of life lessons. We all have a limited time on this earth, so going through tough times helps to keep things in perspective, because as they say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Certain experiences, such as going through a divorce or losing someone close to us, help give us a thicker skin and learn to value life much more.

“…especially so with regards to the current generation, where we often look to rush things to completion as quickly as possible. Life is long, and although it feels as though time passes so quickly, it is important to remember the long road ahead. Do not waste the precious time you have worrying about how to get somewhere within a specified amount of time. Slowly but surely, you will get there. If all you have to look back on is a blur, it wasn’t a life well-lived.”

1 Just as your body responds well to a healthy lifestyle, so too does your mind. In order to reach the top performance of mind and body, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The better condition you are in, the more you can accomplish. Not just physically, but mentally. If you need that day off, take it. What many people fail to realize is that any kind of pain or suffering you are going through is just as harmful to your being mentally as it is physically?


2 On a journey, the best way to figure out your direction is to establish your goal, not the means. Just like traveling, it is far easier to pick a destination and then decide between traveling by bus, plane, or car than if you had just wanted to go on vacation with no set destination.


3 There is something about being childish that gives the purest feeling of freedom. Your upbringing has taught you to dress, behave, and live in a particular way. Sometimes this can be a limited way of thinking that hinders your mind; you do not think as openly and freely as you used to. Allow yourself to be childish occasionally. Because as a child, the entire world was so new to you. Your rewards and consequences, your excitement on learning and trying new things. The limitations of this world weren’t holding you back. You were free to grow however you chose to.


4 It is an excellent way to increase productivity and benefit you without feeling like a waste of time. If there is something you always considered useful, try learning it. If you set a time for yourself every day to learn something new, you will go to bed with the affirmative feeling of accomplishment and that you are positively sticking to a routine that will only better yourself.


5 Many people go through life having interests, and do nothing with it. A real shame, since many eminent individuals throughout history accomplished great things by diving into their interests. If nothing else, learning about what interests you can make you that much more of a knowledgeable person.


5 As a child, I could never imagine why someone would willingly leave their bed early when there was no work to be done. Yet every morning, my father would get up in the hour of sunrise and leave the house. After my teenage years, it dawned on me that my father had simply loved having more time in his day to do things … More time in your day gives you more time to get something done!


6 An extremely common piece of advice notorious for its vagueness. The focus of this is to encourage the sheltered to break free and see what they are capable of. It is quite the shock to see how miserably hopeless or pleasantly capable people can be. By pushing yourself out of your natural element, you can discover just how well-equipped you are to take on the unfamiliar monsters of the world.


7 Growing up and the culture around you both in and outside your home will always have a lasting impression of your behavior. The world is filled both with people who think they are better and people who think they are worse than others. Never become one of those that look down on others. A problem with life is that we live it thinking we are the main character of the story – and we are, to an extent.

8 We are the main character of our story; the problem is that there are seven billion others writing a similar story called life. Never forget that every single person has a life and have made decisions that ultimately put them where they are today. They are not just support characters to your main story; they are their own protagonists and don’t deserve being looked down on by anyone.

9 Aiming for the title of ‘best’ in what you love doing is as admirable as it is vague. To truly become the best, one should strive to be acknowledged as an expert in what they love doing. Consolidating your interests into a set topic to excel in is a step forward in the path of success. Just as Olympic athletes compete to win the gold and nothing else, so too should you compete in order to be an expert in what you enjoy. You’ll only ever be as good as the effort you put in.

10 The picture of life is painted as the greatest experience one could have, along with the most difficult. It is strange to think that something so enjoyable could ever be difficult, much less the most difficult. Rather than that, I believe it is the difficulty of life that gives us appreciation for what comes after we climb up the hill.When faced with the trials and tribulations that will inevitably come, it is important to keep your thoughts on the silver lining; the light in the darkness. One cannot exist without the other, just as shadows cannot exist without light. There are always two sides to the coin, and you should always obligate yourself to find the better part of something horrible; true silver linings.*

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